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The District Board's role

The Missouri-Arkansas District Board is responsible for overseeing all 19 divisions in the district. Board meetings are held throughout the service year where members review the district bylaws, work in committees, and plan the District Leadership Conference.

The board is elected annually at the District Leadership Conference. For more information on board elections, please visit the DLC page.

Board positions

District Governor


  • Be the executive officer and preside at all meetings of the Missouri-Arkansas District of Key Club International

  • Assist the District Administrator in planning the agenda for all Missouri-Arkansas District Board Meetings

  • Keep in close contact with all District Officers

District Secretary


  • Assist the District Administrator in preparing and maintaining all District records. Present District reports at regular meetings of the District Board

  • Take thorough minutes of each District Board Meeting and within thirty (30) days, mail copies to the Governor and District Administrator

District Treasurer


  • Assist the assigned adult in preparing and maintaining Administrative Financial Reports at regular District Board Meetings

  • Work closely with the Lieutenant Governors and clubs to ensure prompt payment of all District and International dues by November 30

District Bulletin Editor


  • Responsible, within the limits set by the Missouri-Arkansas District Board and the Key Club District
    Administrator, for the publication of the Key Way. The editor shall see that the Key Way carries the spirit of the district and see that all necessary club information is

  • Edit division newsletters

Lieutenant Governor


  • Prepare and send a monthly newsletter to the Key Clubs in your division by the 3rd of each month

  • Contact the President of each club in your division by phone, in writing or by email at least once each

  • Serve on a committee at the discretion of the Governor

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